Monday, 31 October 2011


Today Zappa and I spent all day at Shelly Beach. We barbequed us some roo steaks and some banana bread (there is some really special banana bread from Cole's the supermarket - really really good). We had a little snorkel and although the water turned out to be freezing and I wasn't keen, by the time I was in to my hips Zappa had jumped straight in so I had to man up and go in too. I had to try out my new wetsuit and besides, I knew food always tastes better after you've been swimming. Visibility was pretty crap as the wind had churned up the water a bit, but I managed to see a couple of fish:

Red-spot Wrasse

Fan-belly Leather Jacket (Look it has a unicorn horn! This was my favourite)

We got home and realised it was Halloween. I really find the upside down seasons thing confusing. The temperature and the weather and the leaves falling off the trees in England lead me to feeling excited about things like Halloween and give me an urge to make appropriately festive things and cook certain foods. Here I'm permanantly on holiday with lovely weather - Halloween seems irrelevant.

It wasn't irrelevant to Lili-Rose however, who got quite excited about the opportunity to dress up and get lots of lollies (=sweeties in Australian). Her friend Jack came along too, check out the outfits!

I don't know if this makes me a granny but I did actually find them pretty scary!

I was on trick or treating duty by the front door. Many many kids. I find myself thinking 'Really?' when the trick or treaters' voices have broken...

Lili and Jack have come back in protesting about how few lollies they got. We are currently sitting round the kitchen table examining the booty and eating the rest of the lollies we are sposed to give other visitors. So many E numbers! So much excitement!

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