Monday, 24 October 2011

Jebediah & Nearly Wet and Famous

Today it was rather warm. I asked the BBC how warm and it said 34C, which I thought was an overestimation but other sources say 34, 32 and 32. So yeah. Warm. And I LOVED it. Zap and I bought provisions and went over to the dam to have a barbeque, swims and chilling out reading time. It were greet! Only the bit we usually go to, section 4, was full of glossy white caravanny lorry things, making us think the gypos in this country are pretty damn good at whatever they do, until I spotted one of them was labelled WARDROBE, and section 4 had a sign on it saying LOCATION, and we realised they were filming something! We went to section 3 instead, but I kept wondering what if it was Home and Away and I could infiltrate it if I just went and investigated?

After school was over Lili and Ruth came to meet us, and the film crew started making lots of noise, a ridiculous-sounding motorbike kept on being revved up, and a 'we're all having crazy fun which demands lots of whooping!' scene kept on being suddenly started and suddenly stopped. They can't have been very good at it judging by the number of takes. Eventually our curiousity got the better of us and we decided to swim over to section 4 to have a look.

None of us quite forsaw what a marathon swim it would be. I was very lucky because I'd picked the rubber ring to swim in, making it effortless, but the others took the blowup boat whose bottom was kicked out by some other children the other Sunday, and they had a harder time. It was so funny seeing this bright blue blowup thing slowly going alone, Ruth and Lili's legs creating a furious bit of water behind it and Ruth's curly hair just visible, bobbing up and down. It took ages but eventually we got to see some people and their grey furry things on poles. You could tell the actors from the film crew because only the film crew wore hats. Hats are clearly not glamourous.

I couldn't recognise any of the actors from that distance - there was a tanned blonde girl but then there's always going to be at least one isn't there. Ruth waved madly and someone waved back. The people sort of milled around a bit, then one of them got a big blue screen out, and we reckoned they probably weren't going to do anything interesting with us there, so we started off back. Halfway back the motorbike started up again (they really were finding the whole shooting a scene thing difficult).

So, alas. I had this image of them filming an important scene with the lake in the background, then over the shoulder of the character you see two people in a bright blue blowup boat slowly swim into view, another person in a candy striped blowup rubber ring, and a swimmer with rope for hair, and the one with the springy hair waves like a loony, and they all just grin vacantly at the camera. And we could say 'LOOK! THAT'S US!' and we'd be famous. And wet. Wet and famous.

But alas.

I have no pictures of this as I was a main character in this exciting watery story, so to console you I will introduce you to Jebediah:

He is Jake's fish, a cichlid (sick lid), and he always seems very grumpy, but I like him.

I feed him tasty multicoloured flakes and the other day as I said, I cleaned him out with Jake, and now he can see me better, which I'm sure is what he wanted. When you go up to the glass and say hello to him he comes up and squares up to you and tries to intimidate you. If you manage to intimidate him back he goes and hides in his fake tree stump, which he has shuttled all of the stones out of himself.

Oh dear and I have bad news of the chicks. The chicks ran away.
But er, here's a nice picture of Woody instead. Such a sweet little dog.

Ah dear.


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  2. i like that jebediah calls the shots in his tank. hollowing the pebbles from his little tree stump home, and getting all bolshy at people that come to look at him. he's a fish in charge.xxxxxxx