Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bargainous Bargains and Walkies

Last night it was Kate's 18th birthday party, we went out for a meal and met her folks and some more of her and Jake's friends, and then came back home and had a few drinks and fishcakes, and eventually someone remembered we had planned to go to a highly anticipated jumble sale early the next morning. We all said we'd still try and go but judging by the empty Jack Daniels bottle I didn't have any high expectations. When we eventually turned in, Zappa went to sleep still half sitting up, and was so still I wondered if he was still alive.

Somehow though he woke up at 6.45 and said 'Are you coming then?' My response was 'Unngggyyerrrghh.' Then lo and behold, Ruth pops her head though the door and sings a loud jumble sale excitedness song. How is everyone doing this? I must be the least alive one in the house!

Slowly though of course everyone started to droop and the hangovers kicked in. Nevertheless, we picked ourselves up some bargainous bargains! Look at the treasure!

We're going to need our own kitchen stuff when we go up to Bellingen and for when we go camping, so we got all this at the jumble ($21.50 total), then went to Vinnie's on the way back, where we got pots and pans ($7.50):

And a wetsuit for me! $10.

And while I was trying the wetsuit on I accidentally tried this dress on and had to get it:

$8. It looks way nicer in real life, it's this lovely turquoise colour with sort of light greeny yellow leafy twiddly patterns on it. It's really light and floaty.

Ooo I want to show you my favourite other Vinnie's bargains from before today too:

$8 - wore it last night

Quite a bit more than $8 but I LOVE it and it's my birthday present and it's from some posh designer, and was probably originally more like $700. Ok it was $55 but it's so NICE and I definitely would have paid more for it in England,

We have worked out that although if you converted the numbers of dollars to pound by the exchange rate you'd be timesing by 2/3, the sort of living equivalent is actually more like 1/2. So that dress is actually more like £27 which it's totally worth.

Can you recognise the spending guilt?!

Anyway I digress. We came back from Vinnie's and Zappa's hangover was in full swing.

Oh yes we got those funky sunnies at the jumble sale too. Zappa has worn them inside all afternoon, including when we watched a film.

Later on we walked to the dam from the house (it's that close - so cool). All of us except Jake.

Woody made a friend, Nelly.


For me, anyway - I hadn't assaulted my liver.

Haha last night we were at the eating out place and the others were talking about what they were drinking, and Lili turned to me and said 'Do you know, Emma, soon we're going to be the only normal ones here.' I mused upon this for a second and then she suddenly cried 'Belly buttons unite!' undoing a button on her dress and displaying said anatomy. I mused further.


  1. Hi Emma,

    It is dark, wet and drizzly as you can imagine in Zumerzet.
    Your Dad is with Emma and I in our house by the log fire, he has been working late in the hospital and is staying over with us so he can be in early-GP refresher course which he is organised.
    Your blog is rather wacky and interesting and unlike anything I have seen before, but I hope you are having a good restorative time in Aus.
    It would be good to see you when you are eventually back,
    Still listening to Van Morrison, we took Katie and Will to see him live recently, amazing!Great to share the music with them.
    Best wishes,
    Chris and Emma Swinburn