Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Today Zappa and I went to the aquarium in Darling Harbour. It was good, if full of many many different groups of primary school children in their uniforms and hats. I had no idea children were so loud! Why are they so loud?

Here are some pictures of underwater critters, which aren't very good but they're of THINGS.

Massive Japanese spider crab!

Dugong! The Australian name for manatee. It was a bit scratched, don't know whether that's normal.

White tip shark

The rest of the Sydney Common Octopus

The weather has been miserable today, so weird after yesterday's heat. This is the view from the window at the moment:

It's quite nice being curled up indoors with a cup of tea.


  1. aaahh aquarium, amazing! bloody love sealife. espesh love the first photo of the tentacles with their little suction-y pads. if i ever have anywhere big enough to keep one, i would genuinely love to have a pet octopus one day. you can visit and we can observe it whirling itself gelatinously and contendedly (hopefully) inside a massive tank xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I like this. You should also have sea horses cos they're super cute. And the octopus should be one that changes colour.
    And crabs. Cos they're funny.