Thursday, 13 October 2011

Australian shopping

Tomato puree comes in yoghurt pots.

A plain primark-stylee grey hoodie sets you back $35! :S

There is sushi in the mall to fuel you.

There is a whole refridgerated supermarket aisle dedicated to a million different types of yoghurt :) We are the proud owners of a bucket of passionfruit yoghurt.

The mall is the size of a town but apparently it's not an especially big one. It's even got a medicare centre in it.

Woolworths lives on! As the supermarket with the yoghurt.

I am very proud of Zappa who is making progress with his thriftiness lessons. First he got hungry and caught the scent of a baked goods shop, but instead settled with some of the fruit and nut mix I'd brought along. Then we went to get him a phone, and he eventually with some helpful persuasion managed to pick the second to cheapest phone!!! This is all in one day.

We exchanged cultural information with the nice guy at Vodaphone. He wanted to be told about gypsies and Geordies, he told us about nice places to visit and what they have instead of Geordies, and we ended up having an argument as to whether Ross Noble has ever been blonde (No he HASN'T!).

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