Wednesday, 6 June 2012

We're Home!

We kept it under wraps so that I could surprise my  Mum on her birthday, but we came home earlier than originally planned. Exciting plans needed to be started. And we ran out of money.

Me surprising Mum - she had been crying and asking me 'Why are you here?' over and over again so I was starting to think things had gone wrong, but she perked up and was very happy soon after this picture!

Coming home to the Jubilee celebrations was a very generous fix for the Britishness cravings I'd been experiencing. Bunting everywhere, Union Jacks galore, news on royal preparations, and most food and people decked out in red white and blue.

I thought I'd stick in some images of our last bit of time in Sydney.

 Lili-Rose had become ....somehow, 'obsessed' doesn't do it justice - with One Direction, a British boy band; and made cupcakes devoted to the Adored Ones.

We were all pleased by this.

We went into the city and had a poke around

We went to a market where I nearly bought this jacket until I was informed it was $200 (what's the ponit of a market if jackets are $200?!)

Lili-Rose gave Ruth a lovely Mothers' Day

We found a crag just outside Narabeen (north of Manly)