Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It has been all rainy and not warm today so to make up for it I just made a Special chocolate cake! Yayyyy. Special = gluten free in my exciting world. The cake actually sunk right down in the middle so there's actually a lake of chocolate goo in it! Cannot wait. We're waiting for Ruth and Lili to get back from dropping a friend off at Palm Beach (someone they know rents there - must make friends) til we can eat dinner which means we can then eat the cake.

Yesterday when we got on the bus back from the city, I realised the trio in front were from the UK (woman with streaky dyed blonde hair, 50s, son with ginger hair, 20s, overweight girl, also 20s). And I thought wow more Poms, we're everywhere. Don't blame us. And I settled down to watch Sydney go by, but you know when you're trying to read or whatever and there's someone talking or spiky music with stupid words in, and you try not to but the words just hook your ear? I couldn't concentrate because the woman and the son were having this loud English argument about how long it takes to get from Bristol to Cardiff. On and on, and on, like, if it's actually important to you today in Australia, couldn't you just agree to disagree and it could all just take 10 seconds? Then they moved onto, I'm not sure what the point of it was, they just started listing roads, I don't know, that were good or something.
'Yeah there's the M4. And the M32.
'A3. M25.'
'The M5.'
What the hell?! We're about to go over the Harbour Bridge! Isn't that kind of interesting? British road names?! Really?!
FINALLY they got off the fun game of naming fascinating strips of tarmac and moved onto whether of not the mum had given him a playstation for his birthday one year in the past, or whether he had payed for it himself. Or maybe it was his dad that bought it for him. 'Oh my godd Murm, oi toatlee peed for it moiself!! Nooo! Ohh my godd Murm seerislee, you know nothing!' To help them get to the truth they went through what he got for his birthday every other year of his blessed existence, then explaining how an Xbox is different from a playstation (plee-stashuuun)....OHMYGOD SHUT UP!!! We are in SYDNEY LOOK LOOK! Stop ruining my journey with your boring lives!

I have asked a few people but somehow the Aussie's don't seem to mind the Poms, which I'm surprised about, as we do seem to be constantly invading the country and then sticking together in groups.

Very surprised. I didn't like us much on the bus.

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