Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Home and Awaaaay

Guess where we went today?!?!?

Heeheeeeee YAYY we went to the Home and Away beach! It's actually called Palm Beach (very original - especially as there were no palms).

Oh come on, some of you must have watched Home and Away before...

It was sooo lovelyyyy.

We also went to this sort of big calm harboury bit round the corner - OH my goodness I looked around and I just said 'This is where I want to live out of anywhere.' It was so gorgeous, this Caribbean stylee water lapping gently on the beach, you could just swim out to your boat, go off for a jolly sail, come back, walk up to your painted wooden house almost hidden in all the trees around it, on the  steep hills surrounding the water, hang your wet stuff to dry on the verandah, crack open a coke...

Dad what kind of boat is this, below? I was like oo workboat oo not in Cornwall and lack of colourful topsail...

We looked out at it all and I said 'Shit. I need to get a really good job.'
'...I don't really want to deal drugs.'
'No. Too risky.'
More silence.
'Well,' said Zappa, with a pained look on his face, 'I could go into business...or some of that accountancy stuff...'
'Oh god no. It's not worth it.'

The only thing we could think of was winning the lottery.

If anyone has any ideas of what we could do with our lives they would be welcome.


  1. Emma this is BEAUTIFUL! The temperature has just dropped several degrees here, so we're all suitably jealous of these sunny beach scenes.

  2. I KNOW right?! Being warm enough is so relaxing. Missing you though. Love you Gig xxxxxxxx