Friday, 21 October 2011

Good things

Ruth made this glorious pie:

Woody is cute:

And can do tricks:

I got me some supergood snorkelling gear:

Snazzy non?

Today we went to the Bower again and this time I got to go in and see things. I wore Zappa's shorty wetsuit, padded out with boardshorts and tshirt underneath, and I actually stayed warm, which I liked.
Here are the fish I saw (not taken by me):

Red Morwong
White streaked Grubfish
I want to get a fish book as I'm such a fish geek at heart.

It felt really good to be back in the water, diving about with fishies, drying out afterwards in the sun. I didn't really feel that tired afterwards, and I don't feel that ill. M.E. seems to be the most wonderful excuse to do what you really want. This beach lifestyle clearly feeds my soul, better keep doing it. Maybe I can snorkel and rollerblade and sun myself better. Have yet to dust off the rollerblades actually. I saw a girl today who was pushing herelf wimpily along on a pink skateboard, with massive sunnies, an immaculate blonde ponytail and matching pink wristbands and pink hitop trainers. I'm going to look so much cooler in my blades that I painted the wheels of multicoloured and all my protective pads on. I should probably be drinking something from Starbucks to up my cool factor. Or maybe juice from a juice bar.

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  1. some kind of smoothie in one of those plastic cups with a domed lid and a straw is deffo the coolest beverage to be seen with in the sun. i wish for a slice of that pie, with plenty of mash and peeeeas, nomnomnomomommmmm xxxxxx