Friday, 7 October 2011

Vinnie's and The Tip and a Willy

Today was a highly successful day. Ruth took us to the legendary VINNIE'S!

Vinnie's is a chain of charity shops, called St. Vincent de Paul really, and I think it's kind of the Australian equivalent of the Salvation Army. Except that they are BIG and they have ACTUAL GOOD STUFF in them. Look how big it is!!!

I was in heaven - I really needed more than one long sleeved top and one jumper, and I was really finding the concept of $35 for a rubbish hoodie painful. I got two long sleeved tops, a knitted jumper and a very pink tshirt, all for $15! I feel very satisfied by this.

We were welcomed by this splendid bbq as we walked in, and it was so very bargainous Ruth bought it. And it's currently cooking our dinner. My first Australian bbq!! And it's started raining... It's been gloriously sunny all day though, which has made me so happy. Ahhhhh. Good day.

Then we went to the tip. To find wood to make a proper bed in the van. I haven't shown you the van yet have I...well it's raining, I will do so another day. The tip!

 It's like driving across the surface of Mars in a Mars buggy. I assume moon buggies wouldn't be appropriate on Mars.

We found some wood and they said we couldn't have it. We also found a painting of a duck and this funny rude painting.

We didn't take it home though.

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