Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dingo and Woody

Dingo is the name of our borrowed van! A Toyota Hiace. It's called Dingo because it has so many dings in it. It's great apart from it's got no power steering and someone's put one of those silly small steering wheels on it, so we're going to change that so that I have a chance of driving it somewhere and not dying of exhaustion.

Yesterday Zappa set about making a bed in the back of it. He was thinking of making a fold out sofa bed thing, like in the ambulance but folding out sideways instead of lengthways, but when we sat on a mockup of the sofa the ceiling was too low for it so we went for just a bed, with storage space underneath.

We went to Vinnies where Zap found a cheap double bed - lots of wood to use, and ready made slats. Then he got some plywood from another Vinnie's.

 Turned out the double bed fitted in the van perfectly! So Zap just stuck some wooden blocks under the legs to make the bed higher, put the ply on top of that, and voila!

Our new camper van, modelled expertly by Lili.

Today has been SUNNY and WARM, and I am loving it. This morning we went to pick up a little camping stove we bought on eBay. It's retro yellow and pristine and new. Zappa's just gone off to pick up the camping fridge, but I'm a bit knackered from the stove trip and the guy lives an hour away so I'm staying here in the garden with Woody.

Time for An Introduction to Woodford The Special. I was going to do a seperate blog for him as he does deserve his own entry but as I'm here and he's so pretty, I don't think he can stay anonymous any longer.

He is so cute! He's a really good dog. He's super pretty and everybody basically queues up to give him love, but he's not a spoilt brat dog, he's not annoying, he wants to please so does as he's told, he travels well, doesn't need brushing and is fun to play with. Watching Woody and Lee play is hilarious. He's got the perfect home too, he gets taken on long walks everyday and everyone adores him. Oh and he doesn't smell. In fact to me he smells sort of biscuity, like fake tan. Could explain the colour. He's a pomeranian x fox terrier, although he looks a bit chihuahua-ish to me, I suppose pomeranians are sort of chihuahuas with ridiculous amount of hair? Anyway he's great.

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