Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday at the Dam

Oh my goodness such a good day! Happy Sunday to ME!
First Zap and I woke up  to glorious sunshine and got to the beach in about half an hour, so Zap could surf and I could beach it. The beach was packed, there was young person lifeguard training and the sort of little person version called Nippers, where kids get to play fun sporty games on the beach. Lily does it in the summer.

For some reason, I quite liked having all those people on the beach. In Britain, people stake out their sandy territory, view everyone not in their clan with suspision, get annoyed when the children from the next door clan interrupt their precious reddening time, and shake the sand out of their towels upwind of them. On Manly today everyone was too busy being active and having fun to care. I suppose maybe I didn't mind because I didn't have to have people sitting right next to me. They were racing around next to me instead. This seems to make a difference.

We spotted Lee and Ruth walking past with the dog, and they proposed a day at the dam with a picnic. Sounded good to us.

We took the blow up dingy and the blow up kayak, and a rubber ring. We got there and set up camp, and Zappa, Lily and I went for a kayak. Zappa did all the work of course. We went back in and the others had a good splashy time while I watched. I didn't want to get wet cos I didn't want to get exhausted and cold.

Then I thought 'really?' and bloody well just got in.

And it was fun! I went for a swim. I haven't been for a swim for well over a year. It was exciting!

Later I went for another swim, when the others had paddled over to the other side of the lake, and I got nearly the whole way over, well, maybe 2/3, which is FAR when you haven't exercised for a year, and the width of it was about was a long way!

We cooked on one of the legendary public barbeques - amazing. And we had loads of other amazing food like a roast chicken, homemade guacamole, stuff like that. And barbequed banana bread. Mmm.

Jake manning the barbie
Ruth and Lily having a directional argument

We need to do this again.

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