Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Moon furniture and Grownup Possum

Today Zap and I went to Anaconda, an outdoorsy camping fun shop. I had my work cut out for me reining him in.
'We need a lamp.'
'Do we?'
'Yes. For camping. A camping lamp. You need them.'
'Ok. But let's stop looking at the $100 ones yeah? Look, here's one for $20.'
'Yeah but...this one has multiple brightnesses.'
I wait silently until he finally drags himself away. This pattern holds for other items.

'Emma can I have a knife?'
'Yeah we need a knife for chopping things.' I follow his gaze. 'Ok if the knife is sitting in a glass cabinet and doesn't have a price, no you can't.'

'Hey look, a cast iron cooking set!'
'Hey look, a kayak!'
We walk past a metal sputnik-like thing. 'Oh my god I want it what is it?!'
'...It's a presurised shower machine...'

One thing we DID instantly agree on and therefore were allowed to buy were these MOON CHAIRS!

Jake models one wonderfully. Do you like the clipon umbrella on the other one? That was the last one left in the shop, otherwise we would have got one each.

You can sit on them any way, which I like because I like having my feet up, all nice and curled up.

Later on I was helping Lili with her maths homework when Zappa rang.
'Em do you want to see a possum?'
'Look out of the window at the rocks, it's in a tree.'
I looked out of the window and could see Zappa stood in a tree. Very funny. If he's gone to all this trouble to be funny, I thought, I may as well humour him. 'Oh WOW, it's a very big possum isn't it? It's massive! Ooo.'
He sounded confused. 'It's sort of...cat sized...'
'Oh the possum isn't you?'
'What - no...'
'There really is a possum?! YAY POSSUM STAY THERE YAY-'

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE possums. I especially love this one.

Turns out Zap wasn't even in a tree, just stood on the top of the rocks behind it.

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  1. Aw that's SO gorgeous! ( perhaps it's best I never got you a possum pelt)...I had forgotten they have prehensile tails. Loving the 'moon chairs'. x