Tuesday, 8 November 2011

7 Eleven Day and Creepy Gecko

Yesterday Jake, Patrick, his friend, and me went on a spontaneous and brief snorkel trip to the Bower. It was the best snorkel session I've had so far in Australia, I saw loads of fish, including these two:

Bicolour Parrotfish - about 60cm

Blue Groper - or maybe something like this anyway - about 70cm. Big!

I did lots of good diving and had fun with the fishies. Because the Bower is a nature reserve there are many big fish there, and there are lots of divers and snorkellers there all the time so they don't all run away quite so fast.

Then we went and picked Lili up from school and Zappa up from his last day at the building site (for now!). Bless him, when we got there we were like 'Where is he?' 'I don't know...' 'I can't see him...' Then like when someone points out the camouflaged lizard on the branch right in front of you, we realised he was only a few feet away in a trench. The orange dirt of the trench had completely covered him, then behind him was bricks, so he was completely invisible! When he clocked off we whisked him away, and someone remembered it was 7 Eleven day (7th November).

 Ok 7 Eleven is like Spar - those shops that are everywhere. Some are like Londises, local shops, and lots are like Spars as they do petrol.
So. It was 7 Eleven Day, which was VERY exciting because if you go into a 7 Eleven on said magical day, and say 'Happy 7 Eleven Day!' They give you a FREE slurpee!!! Which is like a Slush Puppy only possibly with slightly more E numbers. I realised with my powers of immense memory, comparison, evaluation and deduction, that THIS must be what the famous Squishee was based on:

Patrick and Lili with their slurpees. Lili's was cola, raspberry and strawberry-kiwi flavoured. Mmm. I drank half of mine and gave the rest to Zappa cos the amount of sugar and nuclear waste in it scared me. 

So. That was fun. Patrick is my favourite Jake-friend, he is so funny, he does unnerving deadpan humour which I love. But he left to go back to Hong Kong for 2 months today, which is rubbish.

Today it was a nice hot hot day, and so Zappa, Jake and I decided to go to the dam. Zappa was carrying my moon chair out from the garage when I spotted this little guy on it and yelled excitedly until I formed coherant words, and pointed him out:

He was about 20cm long. Zappa saw him and leapt away! He really didn't like it! It was SO funny cos he takes the piss out of me for being afraid of spiders, and there he was all freaked out by a lizard. Funny stuff.

Looking at the pictures now, though, he does look kind of evil.


  1. I am very jealous of the fab snorkelling..ha ha! 'groper' nice one! Lili looks so like Zappa it's ridiculous.
    The lizard/gecko thing is amazing - what sort is it and why does it have such a flat, thickened tail??

  2. It IS a groper! They don't call them groupers here!