Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Skink and PLAN

Zap and I went to Manly beach so that I could have my first rollerblade around (!) and he could go surfing. On the concrete next to the van was a little tiny skink, and I took a picture of him:
I'm really chuffed with it because him minus his tail was only about 2 inches long! Not that I pulled his tail off. I just want to give a sense of scale and you can't see his tail. I like it as well because from normal head height the skinks look a sort of charcoal grey, and up close it seems they are all oily-multicoloured-shiny!

Rollerblading was good, could feel it working muscles that don't usually get used much and it was nice to zip along overtaking the joggers! It was a little nerve wracking though because there were so many people and small children to dodge, and cracks in the pavement and the thought of how bad it would be to fall over. I know I shouldn't care about 5 zillion people staring at me and asking me if I'm alright after going flying and cracking bits of my body open on the sea front, but, well, I did. Need to find a nice newly tarmacked car park that's empty in the evenings, so I can slalem around sticks and practise doing cool turns and generally pretend I'm a superhero.

Zap said he had the best ride of the trip so far, and was very chuffed. Sadly I missed it.

Good news! Jenny and Ray, friends of the family who live in Byron Bay, phoned Ruth for a catchup and asked how we we were doing, and Ruth said we were planning to go north soon, and that Zappa has been on the lookout for work, and apparently Ray was about to put an advert out for a wooferer to help him do some sort of manly work. Perfect or what?! So after Dingo gets serviced on Monday (let's hope nothing big needs doing to it) we'll be heading up to Byron, stopping in a few places on the way! I'm so excited!!!

More good news: Zappa has also got some labouring work tomorrow and Friday! Hopefully it will pay enough to cover the van's service.



  1. This Blog is amazing! great to hear that your both doing good and enjoying the life in Oz!

    good news on the work!

    take it you've not managed to get any climbing in yet?

    keep having fun,


  2. Legendary Stu!! Not yet, we haven't got a rope yet and the rock round here is all brittle sandstone so not so good for bouldering. This morning I found a good place for our naked photo though!

  3. Just realised how weird that would sound to anyone not in UNUMC - the climbing club is doing a naked climbing calendar to raise money for mountain rescue, and we aim to contibute a picture!

  4. haha, brilliant. sandstone is lovely rock, although not the brittle type. you'll need to find some lovely hard sandstone!