Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Vegemite - A Review.

Vegemite is Marmite’s mysterious foreign cousin, that we Brits know exists but have mostly never met. As a Marmite lover myself I was curious to find out if it’s true what many people have said – is Vegemite actually BETTER than the Marm?

On first appearances the packaging is a bit naff. Marmite does manage to hold an air of mystery with its cauldron-like jar, and its weighty glassness makes it feel special. Vegemite’s plastic tub with a label befitting that of processed honey or oven chips doesn’t make you excited to put it in your shopping basket.
Opening the tub and scooping some out with a knife I am met with quite a different texture to Marmite – where you’ve scooped it out, the shape remains – like, it’s more solid. Which could be seen as a benefit if you get annoyed by those inevitable Marmite strings that drizzle themselves over the screw neck, the jar, the bit of table between the jar and your plate, etc. That is perhaps what an unbiased person might think. But I am blinded by Marmite love and I think it is WEIRD.

Onto the taste. It’s kind of like Marmite but…sweeter….less ‘mature’ tasting…less depth to it….and with a hint of vomit.
Don’t get me wrong, I don't mind it, I’ve been having it on toast for 4 months (you have to do SOMETHING with gluten-free bread), it’s not horrible, it’s just…not at all right.. And nowhere near as good as Marmite.

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  1. Ha ha love it , that is the best description ,esp the vomit, I hate it...nothing like marmite.. Even smells weird .. Yuck..