Friday, 24 February 2012


As we are in the middle of an Australian summer I thought I'd better make something snuggly and woolly. Look what I learnt to do with the help of the ladies of the internet:

So many people have put wonderful step-by-step tutorials for how to do whatever they're into doing. If I want to learn how to do a slide stop on my rollerblades or make a friendship bracelet or cook salmon en croute, there are multiple different people who've spent hours and hours creating guides to show me how. I LOVE how the internet has done that for us. If you've got a passion, instead of just being the strange colleague at work who is weirdly obsessed with embroidery, now you're a teacher getting hits from all over the world.

It is actually chucking it down with rain again so this does feel like a fitting activity, believe it or not. Although it's far from a 'wearing trousers' temperature (crazy thought), it's a psychological snuggly day.

But what is it? Ahaa well I'm sure that shall be a truly riveting suspense for you for the next few....weeks? Months. Maybe years. If it becomes years I'll get Zappa to finish it for me.

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  1. you have your first commission ( seriously) Lucy wants you to make 50m of chicken bunting! Will email details ( she will PAY!!) If she likes it - be aware she needs 200m in total so you will need a serious production line and one that is easy to do.