Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mini Bunting


Taking it easy after the foresty walk, and inspired by Lucy of Attic 24's latest project (http://attic24.typepad.com), I decided to make some mini bunting! Lucy is using Washi tape sticker sheets to maker hers, which will no doubt look professional and gorgeous and neat. I made a rough DIY version by painting my little flags with one of those kiddie paint sets, cutting them out and sticking them on some string!

Oh they make me so happy. I LOVE colourful things. The plan is to put them up in the van once it's back from the mender's.

One needs to have cheerful 'surf's flat' activites, does one not?

I'd just finished and Ben came from the basement to do some washing. 'Look!' I said, 'what dyou think?!'
'Err.....what is it?'
'Bunting. It's pretty,' I said.
'Err ok...but what's it for?'
'Being pretty. Isn't it great?'
'Errrr.....I'm not very good at...knowing about......decorationy things..' he said, 'so.... I'll just say well done.'

That wasn't quite the praise and admiration I was going for so I went and sought out Zappa. 'Look, Zappa!' I said, 'I finished it!'
He looked at it for a moment, trying desperately to remember what the correct respose to this bizarre creation that his girlfriend had keenly been making for the last hour. 'It's....very good,' he said. 'I love you and your quirkiness.'

Still not satisfied, I wandered about and found Luke, Parkway Drive's tour manager. He's big and tall and covered in tattoos and generally looks hardcore. 'Look what I made!' I said.
'Oh WOW, that's amazing, how did you make it? Just paper and paint? Wow. That's great. Where are you going to put it? It's very creative.'
Smug and happy, I bounced back inside, and Zappa relaxed knowing I'd been given the response I wanted.

Today I had my first sweaters come to the door! Sweaters are fans that turn up wanting to see the band or just the famous Parkway house. They were from Sweden and I impressed them by telling them I knew the Swedish for 'print out' - scriv ut. Yeah. They were slightly more impressed by the gold record hanging on the wall I let them come in and see.

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