Thursday, 23 February 2012


In the Byron paper is a big section on what's going on in the week, and I spotted a bit about a Burlesque life drawing night. It sounded so wonderful that we had to go along, but neither us considering ourselves able to draw, we just went along for the beautiful womanliness (the article said we could!).

The event was at the Byron Bay Brewery, which has made itself into a sort of trendy studenty bar thing (it had that characteristic SU bar smell, bad memories), but with the enormous coppery vats of its different beers on show behind a glass wall. We had the best and cheapest chicken schnitzel ever and Zappa said the beer was easily the best he'd had since we got to Australia. Score.

We went and bagged ourselves some good seats, looked around and realised we were the only ones without sketchpads and drawing things (I saw charcoal, pastels, chalks...proper arty stuff). We thought we might as well give drawing a go as it was sort of the point of the evening, and the artists had basically made us look like pervs with their air of purpose, damn them. I bought a sketchpad and pencils off the lady at the door. It was a good thing too because as well as an occasional dance the burlesque dancers did a series of 2, 5 and 10 minute poses, which would probably soon have become quite boring and awkward if we hadn't had something to do!

We weren't allowed to take pictures but this one is from the organiser's website (, taken by house photographer Craig Parry.
© Craig Parry
Emma's drawings

At one point Zappa got distracted by his beautiful beer.

We were actually quite pleased with our drawings, as you could at least vaguely see people in them. Except the beer. Which was also a fine piece of work. I found drawing really tiring though, in a good way, you use your brain hard in a particular way.

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  1. That was very weird....Australian night out eh???