Friday, 10 February 2012

Julian Rocks

Today the weather was finally sunny after more days of rain. So we decided to go with a dive company to Julian Rocks, two big rocks sticking out of the ocean about 2km off The Pass, the break we usually surf in Byron. It's a marine reserve so things are still alive there.

Orange Basslets and an Exciting Purple Fish

Tall-fin Bat Fish

Big Wobbegong shark! It was pretty deep for a snorkellor, I was rather pleased with myself.

Me. 'Thumbs...down......yeees....well done.'

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......(angelic singing)

SO COOL! I love turtles!

After a while I actually started feeling a little seasick! Luckily that was just as we were sposed to leave, so nothing missed. I snorkelled for a whole hour, without even noticing the time going.
We met three Irish girls who were great fun, and a troop of Swiss French people. I felt very clever going over and speaking to one of them in French about the turtle we'd seen. How good is the French word for turtle: la tortue? Say it in a super French accent, it rocks. 'Vous avez vu la tortue? C'est magnifique non?!'

I loved the snorkelling, I mean look at what we saw. You know what though, I liked the boat ride just as much! One of those RIBs, and it felt soo good to be back on a boat, I've missed it so much! We zoomed over the waves, wooo into the sky and stomach-droppingly down. Such a good day!

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  1. That was wonderful!! I loved the photos of the turtle and it must have been great to meet new people and get into the sea again.
    It's grey, cold and raining here and I'm just about to go and muck out ( just so's you know!) x