Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chickens, Eggs, Cows and Milk

Staying here at Quigley and Jean's has provided me with my ultimate luxury - food straight from free range, local animals. Q+J have about 25 hens, most of them look like Australorps, and their main hobbies are shouting and laying big eggs with lovely yellow yolks.

It's just nice having chickens around.
Quigley's friend Mel has a couple of Jersey cows, and milks them herself. This is a Jersey from over the garden fence. Aren't they beauutiful?

I've heard they're much moodier and difficult than our usual black and white Holstein Friesians. But they're so pretty! And smaller. And they produce milk with the highest cream content. I like. Mel gave the family a huge bottle of the fresh raw (unpasturised) milk, and they went on holiday the next day, hence us housesitting, so guess who got to drink it?!

I've been having a bad time digestiony-wise for months now, and at the time I wasn't eating dairy to try and help it - but when we discovered we had possession of this milk, that had to go of the window! It's SO tasty! Especially with a drop of vanilla essence stirred in. And you know what? My stomach seems to have calmed down completely. I've been reading up on it and there is such a lot of good stuff in raw milk. All the enzymes destroyed by pasteurisation are still there, making it more digestable and absorbable, as are all the vitamins, which are zapped by up to 80% normally. Yum yum yum. Looks like slightly watered-down fresh cream is my new health food! Apparently you can buy it in health food shops, but because it's illegal to sell it to humans, they call it 'Pet Milk.' I'm going to go and reserve me a crate.

I think I'd like to have my own Jersey cows when I'm a big girl. And chickens.

Oo look a Guernsey- (my favourite breed) Jersey cross! On the left. Maybe I'll have one of those too.

Best breakfast ever (check out the layer of cream!!) - oh no wait we have a contender:

Best pancakes in world:
1/3 cup gluten free plain flour
3 eggs
3/4 cup milk
tbsp melted butter.

Add ripe juicy peaches and cream and some brown sugar:

No words needed really.

Oh wow as I've been sitting here on the verandah, typing, the paralysis chicken has just tried to stand up! It failed but now it's sitting symmetrically for the first time!

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