Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Bonjour from Bellingen Library, the coldest part of Australia I've been to so far.

Zappa started the New Year with a boom by contracting some nasty tummy bug and spending 2 days cooped up in the house. Then he thought he'd round it off by going to a remedial massage guy to sort out his shoulder which has been bothering him for a while - look what the man did to him!!!

He looks like he's been abducted by aliens! He said it felt nice but it looks horrific. The circles are these suction cups the guy put on, and the lines are from this ceramic roller thing. Eek. He said his shoulder feels a lot better though.

Yesterday we took a picnic to Never Never Creek with some of the other housefull that we've been spending Christmas and New Year with.

It was a gorgeous day and the water was beautiful:

Sunny the dog came too. He's as mad as Poppy, my family Jack Russell, but without the nastiness. And he applies constant anti-logic to every situation. 'What would be the logical thing to do in reaction to this? Right, I'll do something completely different.'

Zappa, by Me

Me, by Zappa

Oh and you know I was raving about Jenny and Ray's ficus tree, Baby Ben? Well I found another of Jungle's relations:

P.S. Mum, check your junk mail box in your hotmail for an email from me, I used my uni account as hotmail doesn't like me today. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I'm not showing that photo to Jungle - he'd get an inferiority complex! You should get Zap to say he was attacked by a giant octopus - sounds less wussy than the truth!! Uh oh....I'm booked in for one of those on the 20th jan. ( maybe a facila instead?) xxx

  2. You're booked in for a giant octopus?! Somerset's becoming quite progressive...

  3. Holy jellyfish! You paid to get beaten up? no wonder your shoulder doesn't hurt anymore your too much in agony with the bruises and burns on your back!:)