Monday, 16 January 2012

Ooglie Booglie

I think I have possibly worked out what the best thing in the world actually is. Now I’m not saying it’s the reason for existence but it makes existence a whole lot more excellent.

Booglie eyes!!!

We went into the variety store (kind of like a pound shop but not with a set price, just cheapness) to find egg cups (currently I am using bog roll tubes:)

and we found instead a caulking gun, a kilner jar, some cup measurer things and I found a packet of booglie eyes, of many many sizes, loads of them! I got very excited and Zappa said I could have them, and that he’d very nearly bought them for me last time he went into the shop.

So when we came home, Zappa started piping silicone everywhere (we’re waging a war against cockroaches but Zappa seems to be taking it especially personally) and I started putting eyes on things. My first lucky recipient was the Esky, so I put a little blob of super glue on each eye and stuck them on, easy peasy, job done in about 10 seconds.

Then I realised I’d stuck two of my fingers together! And they were totally stuck!


‘Pull them apart.’

‘Argh no really!! What do I do? They’re totally stuck together!’

‘Really, that’s what you do. I suppose that anti-bonding agent we nearly bought might have worked too.’

I still don’t see how the stuff even got there. I put two tiny blobs on the eyes, then realised my 3rd and 4th fingers were totally glued together right down the sides. So I ripped them apart. Hurt a bit.

‘Is this your first time using superglue then?’

‘No… can’t be…’

‘But this is the first time you’ve stuck yourself together?’


‘Then it’s your first time using superglue.’

On with more eyeing-up.

 I don’t think I have laughed so hard for ages, well maybe 24 hours, as JohnBoy told a rude joke last night about a musical octopus.

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  1. You are still completely MAD!!