Tuesday, 27 September 2011


We finished my stool!!!!!

It's made of the end bit of a big bit of yew Luke rolled miles from its resting place at the sustainability centre, ash legs and cherry cross braces and foot perch.

I love it so much! It's just the right height - I like to be nice and high up.


One Saturday Zappa asked me what I wanted to do that day.
"We could make something," I said.
"Alright. What sort of thing would you like to make?"
"Errrrm.....a den!"
That clearly wasn't what he was thinking.
"A teepee!" I said.
"How about a piece of furniture?"
"A stool!"
"Yeah, good idea, we can definitely do that."
"It has to have a foot perch."
"Whatever you want, sweetie."

1 comment:

  1. That. Is. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    So sorry that Ive not been on here before Em's, I had no idea you had a blog!!!

    I have one too, but it's all about forcing science into people via cake! www.physicsofbaking.com

    Im so glad you are well and you're both having a great time!

    Much love (from rainy-dreary-misty-grey England!)

    Jes (and Wil says Hi too!) xx