Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bye, Buriton

On Saturday the Lymns threw us a goodbye party!

Some people will use any excuse to dress up.

We had so many people come from ages away, Jude, Russel and Tiffany from London, my Mum and my brother, even some climbers from Nottingham - Alice, Chivers, Tony and Sam Keyne. Chivers had got himself a splendid camper, which had already authenticated its camper van status by breaking hugely, costing a lot of money, and using up half of a recent camping holiday stood in a garage getting mended. Fantastic.
Some rather good-sounding funk started playing out of the workshop, which on investigation was of course my incredibly talented brother, Dave and Adam.

We were all a bit/very worse for wear the next day. Pete couldn't say anything apart from 'You guys.....that steak was so good last night' until about lunchtime. Luke was a shadow of himself until he got on a swing and swung in wide circles, which made him feel temporarily normal. Mum seemed to be the only one unscathed which was deeply unfair as judging from the night before she had absolutely no right to be.

Chivers and Alice had someone knock on their camper door in the middle of the night. When Chivers went to see who it was he was confronted by a girl demanding she saw her cheating boyfriend, clearly sure she had caught him in the act. Chivers tried to convince her her boyfriend wasn't in there with him but she insisted she see him. Eventually Chivers showed her his naked Alice. She went away.

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you with a random bloke you've never met, chances are your problems won't be solved with a confrontation.

Enough lessons.

We are so lucky to have all these lovely people willing to put so much effort into sending us off. We're going to miss you all so much.

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