Wednesday, 28 September 2011



You know how I had that whole packing session, and I managed to include a few things I really wanted to take, while keeping it under the weight limit, just? 18kg is what I had.

I was watching Zappa pack just now, and he put a whole climbing rack in (I'm thinking oooo that's heavy), then pretty much all his clothes - ok yes ALL of his clothes (OOOO oh dear he's going to be so upset when he's 3x over the weight limit)...he weighed it:



I made him weigh it with two different methods. Definitely 16kg. I could barely lift it. But I was sure I had way less stuff.....a horrible thought hit me. I went and weighed my stuff, boardies and all.



I misread the scales cos they just had lines and I was an idiot!

All that stuff I could have taken! My lovely jacket! My one pair of going out shoes! Screw that I could have taken ALL my shoes!!! I have packed 3 tops, one hoodie, no jumpers, 2 pairs of knickers...


After Zappa and Luke had stopped laughing at me for the 3rd time, Zappa said 'Oo, you can take your rollerblades.'


I have decided to take the silver linings and run.
a. Rollerblades (best things I've ever bought)
b. I can bring nice things back from Australia
c. I don't have much to lug about
d. I will watch my soul unfurl as it is released from the horrors of materialism and learn to live without so many needless things
e. ...or I can buy more nice things over there.

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