Thursday, 22 September 2011

Goodbye Somerset

Mum threw me a Somerset goodbye party.

Together we made... Australia cake!

Australia cake after accessorisation. It's wonderful what you can just find in Mum's cake decorating box. Look look, where Sydney is, there are two flip flops, with a heart, cos they're in LOVE, cos it's US! Do you get it?

There was a whole load of gorgeous food, including a piece of beef as big as me and Grannie's blitztorte! Dad made a speech and announced we were all going to sing Waltzing Matilda. I didn't know the words so I was glad to have the matter cleared up. For future reference:

Waltzing Matilda
Buh buhbuh oo come a waltzing with me
Huh buh ehh shumpfer merrr, uhhh....
eerrguh YOU come a waltzing with meeeeeeeeee

Then Gig said as I wasn't going to be here for my birthday, we should light the flip flops on the Australia cake and sing me happy birthday. So they did!

Then mum started everyone off on We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Then Anne started Auld Lang Syne.


I had the best time. To be honest, I'd been feeling a bit daunted about it as I haven't been feeling too special, but I had the nicest evening, it meant a lot to see all those fantastic people I love so much.

Mum assigned Pete the role as official photographer, as he is the most qualified and all.


He managed to get this one of some of the young uns:

Thank you so much for coming everyone, and giving me such a nice send off!

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