Tuesday, 20 September 2011


8 days to go!

I’m doing a first draft pack, I just really want to see what I can fit into my measly 20kg luggage allowance. (20kg!!! We used to take 32kg each to the Bahamas for 2 weeks!!!)
We’re supposed to be packing basics. Does that mean no hair dryer? Or straighteners?

No jewellery?
There are some items I would love to have with me but I don’t think I can get away with calling absolute essentials…

My favourite sailingy shorts, Mum's long wafty dress, my boardies, my awesome leather jacket, my favourite heels, my favourite book.

Maybe I could wear them all at once on the plane?
Mm stylish. Who needs comfort? Oh my god look how white my leg is!!! Can’t wait to put that right.
Ok packed the basics, going to weigh it...
OH YAY it's under!
But now I have a moral dilemma. Or rather a prioritising quandry. Zappa wants me to leave space for some of his climbing stuff. So in theory every item I now pack is instead of a bit of metal that could stop him falling a further 4 metres or so.
.......really want to take my straighteners.
And my jacket makes me feel so awesome.
How can you go to Australia without boardies?!
What if someone offers to take me sailing?
That dress is really cool, good for hot Australian days.
The thing is, the plan is to get there and buy our clothes from charity shops. For blokes that's easy cos they just wear assorted oblongs. But for girls it's not that simple! Fair enough pyjamas. And the odd wrap skirt.
Right, adding stuff.
.............oh dear.

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  1. Em, you cant TOTALLY carry off that outfit! all those things seem pretty essential to me...take them alllllll....failing that....DONT GO, wooo!! :))) Stevie xxxx