Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Vintage Nest

I have mentioned the Vintage Nest before, it being a place with wifi but without crazy library air conditioning and with coffee. Very very good coffee. It's both a veery nice café and a rather good vintage clothes, furniture and other things shop - you get to sit in vintage armchairs and sofas, surrounded by very awesome things, whilst having your very smooth, air-filled coffee and delectable cakes.

That half-a-car used to be in the front window where it looked ridiculously cool. Suppose they got bored of it there after a while. 10 points for anyone who can tell me what it is?

Now I am not usually into clothes that much but there's something about a whole heap of weird and wonderful vintage clothes that whispers to you to go nuts and try some crazy outfits on. I couldn't resist. I now think I finally understand all that ridiculous fashion thing, you know when you see models wearing stuff that looks absolutely terrible and stupid, and you think 'Really?!' - I think maybe the point of it is that it is FUN to look ridiculous and pout like it's totally on purpose.

It never fails to surprise me how unfeminine I can be one minute, and how girlie the next.

P.s. For the record, leather trousers and knitted tops should not exist in Australia, let alone be worn together. I fried in the 10 seconds I was wearing them.

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  1. ooh that looks like mykindaplace! What FUN!You looked very good in your fashion show - I had almost forgotten how pretty you are. Their idea of 'vintage' doesn't seem that vintage to me as I am old!