Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Never Never

Further up Never Never Creek are more swimming holes we hadn't seen before, and were tipped off about them by a friendly nurse whose German shorthaired pointer I chucked into the river to be helpful. Yesterday we went to investigage, and the places were as beautiful as she'd promised.

The water was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, like, when you fill a glass with ice and then fill it with water, let the ice melt for a while then drink it, and you can feel the cold hitting your stomach. It's way colder than before, which is weird as this is the tail end of summer, but apparently it's because of all the rain that made the floods, it's still working its way down form the mountains. I still don't understand this, it would make more sense if those rains formed a huge glacier which was now melting, but I was never very good at geography so I'll just accept it.

Close to Never Never is a place called the Promised Land, and it's quite surreal seeing a bus go past with a sign saying 'PROMISED LAND' as its desination in its front window.

Can I also mention that Tiffany and Russell are having a baby girl and I am SO excited!!!!!!!

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