Thursday, 1 March 2012

So we went camping! It was good. We forgot our ready-cooked spag bol so had bacon and eggs for supper instead. The mozzie net worked and we found a campsite right by the beach, with big trees for shade.

Trouble was, the surf was small and completely blown out, so the next day instead of surfing we carried on down to Bellingen, stopping at all the surf beaches en route (seven) to check them out for future reference. Unfortunately, as the East Coast is just an east coast, the surf was the same the whole way. We eventually came to Diggers Beach at Coff’s Harbour, supposed to be the premium break, which was slightly less blown out, so Zappa went and had a go and I stayed to crochet on the beach.

This man called Matt started talking to me, he’d been surfing for decades like Ray, and we talked about surfing and stuff. Eventually I asked if he knew of any places people climbed in the area. He said he usually went to a secret little cove round the corner to collect shells to make artworks with them, and there’s a bit of a downclimb, but since he got caught climbing back up when a storm broke he’s had a bit of a fear factor about it, which was a shame because he loved going there. He said it just brought it home how if he fell, no one know. I said he should take a phone with him, and he agreed, but he wasn’t sure if he’d even go there anymore now. I said ‘Why don’t we go there now? It’ll be fine with two of us.’ He came round to the idea and off we went, after telling Zappa where we were going.

It was such a cute little cove, it reminded me of a mini version of that bit of Bosigran on the left as you do the walk-in. Climbers might know what I mean.
The wall on the left looks FUN - we might come back and climb it soon. Looks like a v.diff or a severe.

And there were shells everywhere! We collected loads and chatted away. He said it was really nice to share his hobby with someone else. I really enjoyed it too – there’s something so basic about the desire to collect shells you don’t really have an explanation for it.
Matt climbing back up. He said he'd be a lot happier doing it now he'd gone and done it. And he promised to take his phone.

I got sunburnt for the first time in the 5 months we’ve been here! So annoyed with myself. Pretty good going though I suppose.
Bits of shell
We’ve come back to Bello to find mould covering everything, the sofa seems to have come off worst. Sharron (who lives above us) said that she had to demould everything with all the damp floody weather and it would come back after a week. Blergh. But that’s easy to deal with – we turned over the sofa cushions to assess the damage and these bugs started crawling out of it – I think they look like bedbugs (after watching a program on pest control people – as you do), except they look a lot paler. Anyway that is NASTY and we set off a pest control nasty chemical fumes bomb in there, so we are currently sitting in the front garden with all our belongings sat around everywhere, including the massive supermarket shop we just did. Luckily we have a 3 way fridge so it is happily cooling away on gas beside me.

 Zappa is asleep! Bless him. We’ve waited an hour and a half and we’ve only got another half an hour before we’re allowed to go in and open all the windows, then after another half an hour we can move back in. We don’t know if it’ll kill the bedbugs but we needed to bomb the place for cockroaches anyway.

Good news: we’ve been asked to housesit again for Quigley and Jean, and this time we get the dog in with the deal! Score. They have some more work for Zappa to do so hopefully two birds with one stone, although Sharron’s just said a big storm is forecast for the next week. Not again…….

I’m writing this on Microsoft Word but will hopefully make a stop in at the library tomorrow to post it. Ahhhhhhh it feels so good to be back in Bello, even if it contains mould and bedbugs. This feels like it has been quite a boring post but it’s been something to keep me entertained while we’re waiting. I suppose being led to a secluded beach by a random man I just met was exciting. It’s ok Mum! I didn’t get abducted so that’s fine right?

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  1. such adventures!Love the shell ( pieces) - v pretty. That little cove looks very like the one near Sherry and jermey's 'shed' - but with heat!
    Eeeuw...bedbugs and roaches - nice. Stick that sofa out in the UV for a few hours.
    Yeah - even we have heard of the dreadful weather you're about to get - batten down the hatches. It's all springified here but this weekend is going to be wet.
    Have horrid code id by dose am feeling 'pants'. Getting ready to write! xxx