Monday, 5 December 2011

Jungle's Big Brother

Some of you may be familiar with my chlorophylled partner in crime, Jungle, whom I take with me everytime I go back and forth from Nottingham to Somerset and Buriton. If anyone has ever sat in the back left seat of my car, he is the reason the footwell resembles a flowerbed. Now. I am very fond of Jungle and he even has his own height recordings on the kitchen wall, as ever since I saw Anne Baker's Ficus Benjamina (that's what Jungle is), which is about my height or more, in her hallway, I have had such high hopes for Jungle. I have tended him lovingly for nearly 5 years, and he has grown a measly 6cm in that time, now standing at about 50cm from soil level. It will be many, many years until he is as tall as me. *sigh*.

Yesterday some brief but hurricanelike winds had blown over the Gordons' ficus, which was in a big pot.
Yes. LOOK AT IT! Never mind as big as me, that's a tree!! Someone please show Jungle. He needs to be thinking bigger!
The cheeky plant had decided it resented being a pot plant any longer, and just pushed its tap root straight through the bottom of its barrel, down through a hole in the drain cover, and down the drain!

Ray investigated where the roots had gone.

But they had managed to find a way back to the earth again, and didn't carry on down the pipe.

The ficus will get its way and have to be put in the garden, a proper tree, pot plant no longer.
It could have just asked, honestly.


  1. Jungle is upset! He has grown a bit since you left but despite having plenty of light and water there is the limiting factor of WARMTH! We have hail and 2 degrees and he would prefer Byron Bay (as would his caretaker).

  2. You managed to make him grow?! Keep it up Mum!