Sunday, 4 December 2011

Byron Market and Picnic Bench Friends

Yesterday we went to Byron Market. It was rather large, and there were so many pretty things, I was very lucky that my non-spending mood present in Nimbin was still holding, or we would have been POOR.

Zappa decides it's time to find food:

We found someone selling kayaks with sails! Genius!!!

The other day I went with Zappa when he went surfing at the Pass. I didn't feel up to surfing so I lay around and read my book. I got bored of lying on the beach after a couple of hours, so I went on a little walk on a bush path:

...and went and found myself a picnic bench. After a while of sitting there I noticed a tiny pile of dirt from the floor was moving along the table.

Don't know if you can see but it has legs:

What a clever bug! Disguising itself as some dusty stuff.

I was also visited by a magpie (I love them)

And a bush turkey. Bush turkeys are funny pieces of poultry that you usually see a lot of on the beaches around here. This is a picture of one when I was sitting on the beach earlier:

And I was very honoured by one coming to see me at my picnic table.

I gave it some pastry from my honey nut slice. Because I am a good gluten freebie and I leave the pastry.

Bwaarrk! Bush Turkey!

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  1. Bush turkey and....chips?
    Great photos - so jealous. Could send on photos of the traffic on the M25 this morning?