Saturday, 17 December 2011

How to Make Concrete Slab with Shed Garnish

I have been observing the boys as they've been making Ray's new shed, and taking notes on how to do so, and as this is partly an educational blog - yes it is. I've told you about Australian wildlife and the price of hoodies - I will impart said knowledge to you.

1. First make a sandpit. Make sure you play in your sandpit because it won't be there forever.

2. Look at your sandpit through your toy teloscope.

Try not to be disheartened that your teloscope doesn't work, imagination is the key.

3. Get concrete lorry man to come over.

4. Put metal mesh hovering over the sandpit, through the middle of where your concrete slab is going to be. This strengthens the concrete. Turns out the sandpit is just there to fill up space, because it's cheaper than concrete.

5. Get concrete lorry to give you some of its concrete into your wheelbarrow, and tip concrete out onto sandpit and mesh. Do this many many times.

6. Somehow concrete gets flattened - I think you get what looks like a big swiffer mop and swoosh it flat and smooth. I have to admit that your researcher got bored watching between these pictures.

7. Guard concrete from animals and rollerbladers for 24 hours. Try not to get impatient. Attempting to dry it with a builder's hairdryer won't help.

8. Get someone really anal to do your flatpacked shed for you (e.g. Zappa). They will lay all the parts out and check each serial number and drilled hole against the instructions, and triple check everything as they go, while you supply beer. Everyone wins.

10. Realise your flatpacked shed is quite a brain twister but persevere. Eventually it will appear.

Ta da!

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