Friday, 27 April 2012

Tent Day

Zappa has gone off to Byron again so I have been amusing myself. This morning I put the Australia tent up in the garden, filled it with cushions and our duvet and had a lovely time in the company of Senor Pepe the cat (she’s called Pepper according to her nametag but Zappa has taken to calling her Senor Pepe and it sticks awfully well).

I made a story of our adventures. Here is a taster:

It includes me saving the Clangers from annihilation and both of us undergoing a personality change. Those wishing to get a FREE copy need only to send 6 stamps from packets of Weetabix to my email address. 
At about 3pm I heard thunder, which was weird as the sky was clear, but I dismantled everything just in case and packed up, and then lots of cloud of all different weird colours started appearing from all sides, swirling about and heading straight for each other. It was a pretty still day but then I saw the trees across the road bend over really suddenly, and this gale hit, and the leaves were falling off the trees but it was still warm with no rain, so I just stayed outside and watched. It was a really good show – how often do we just stand there looking at the sky? I suppose it’s not normally that exciting. Loads of lightening started going off and then the rains came – I felt a drop and ran inside and then I have never seen rain so heavy – it was deafening and you could hardly see anything outside for a while. I heard my Mum’s voice in my head saying ‘It’s absolutely hosing it down out there!’ in a jolly way, and thought it fitted very nicely.

Anyway I stayed inside to watch it – the street turned into a shallow river and the garden my tent had been sitting on turned into a collection of lakes, and I felt very happy and smug in my nice warm, dry house. Well, I still do, I haven’t moved. It’s so weird though, looking at the pictures I took this morning, it feels like a different day looking out of the window.

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