Monday, 9 April 2012


The other day I was round Suzy's house with her and Taylor, we were doing some gardening, when their neighbour gave us the heads up on a snake coming through the fence!

It was a big python, about 6 foot. Python's aren't poisonous. It had obviously eaten recently because it had a big bulge about two thirds of the way along it, which it got stuck in the fence for a while. It was then that we started to suspect it wasn't a very bright snake.

It slithered across the garden and started going up a tree beside the house. I touched it!

It went pretty high and we lost interest and started chatting away. I was mid-story when suddenly the snake fell out of the tree!!! It landed on the bottom branch and folded itself into a comforting knot, and sat there looking shaken for a while. We couldn't believe it. What kind of a snake falls out of a tree?! I can't believe it got that big, it clearly isn't very good at being a snake.

Then it composed itself and snaked along a branch, trying to get to the roof. This was its plan, snakes like living in people's rooves, and people don't tend to mind as they keep the rat population down. However, once again, the snake's IQ let it down, because the further it went along the branch, the lower the branch drooped.

When it had gotten all of its weight onto the branch, it realised it was headed for the ground, so decided to go along with that idea. It went round to the other side of the house and found a palm tree right next to the house to climb.

It was so crazy watching it go up the trunk, so clever and so weird!
Taylor called her friend's Dad out to come and get the snake as they were worried about their two chickens, two cats, mice and dog (quite reasonably). The snake managed to reach the roof just as he turned up, so onto the roof he went.

He took the snake off to the bush to release it.


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  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That was fab - It must be hot there for the snake to have so much energy!
    Neil is convinced that Australia as a very dangerous and undesirable country and you should come home immediately to Scumerset!!