Monday, 30 April 2012

Return to Community Garden

On ANZAC Day (kind of like Remembrance Day only it’s a public holiday and even has its own biscuit. Don’t our veterans deserve that?!) I cycled up the big hill to the community garden and found more people there than last time! The guy who was very…reserved last time was there again, and a couple of other people and some kids. I had been told the guy was just like that and not to try and take anything from it, so I said ‘Hello!’ and he said hello and I said ‘Can I do some gardening please?’ on which he snorted a little laugh and showed me the carrot beds which I could weed.

So here was my little world for the afternoon. Those of you vaguely horticulturally exposed will probably be able to identify the main plant I was ripping out – tomatoes! I couldn’t believe it, it felt so wrong! In the UK people spend so much time and love trying to grow tomatoes in greenhouses, watering them twice a day but not too much and leaving the door open the right amount on warm days – and here they just pop up everywhere!
Don’t you think it looks all smart after I’d done it? Look, I found a little row of lettuces.

I was startled by a spider that popped out of a hole, and got scared that it was a funnel web. I was assured that funnel webs don’t have fluoro orange fangs, so got a bit more comfortable, and got a photo of it when it popped out completely:
The fluoro fangs didn't come out in the photo but honestly it did have them!

I started at 2:00 and at 3:40 found myself rather exhausted, so zoomed off down the hill and went home. Get me being all active.

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