Monday, 15 October 2012

The Good Life, Petersfield

We have a very lovely friend called Claire who has helped to set up The Good Life Education & Community Garden Project, who have taken the lease of a piece of land with the intention of creating a community garden. The idea is that local people can work together to grow lots of vegetables, create a little haven just to go and be in, and learn to care for the environment. There will be educational days, courses and workshops, and socials for the members. I think it is a spiffing idea.
Ahh, Britain, how I love you. You can almost hear the Archers theme tune.
This lady had made all these beautiful baskets out of hedgerow materials! She taught me to make a little wreath, which I was very chuffed with.
You can get the most beautiful colours using different species. Dogwood is my favourite, being a bright red colour. I have to say I'm very inspired and now have an ambition to make a basket like this little one, above. Apparently it takes a whole day on a workshop.
There was homegrown produce and yummy-looking things made out of them.....
Unfortunately they all had wheat in so I couldn't pig out. Which is a good thing I suppose because I probably would have obliterated the nice display.
Claire was being very brave and putting on a scarecrow-making workshop for some quite hyper kids, who were more keen on punching the scarecrows than drawing a nice face on them. She was actually really good with them! Some people just have the knack.
The ladies at the cake stand.
And lastly, the wreath I made! I decorated it when I got back with Autumnal things. Who says wreaths are just a Christmas thing?

I will be keeping you posted on the community project. I've put the website in the 'I love these' list on the right. 

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