Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chicken-Related Newsflash


Eye witness reports suggest that My Favourite Chicken, or MFC, ran at a high speed into the pond and became completely submerged, a highly unusual behaviour for non-aquatic poultry. 'It just ran and went straight under the water,' said Eco Luke, 84. 'At first, I thought it was a duck.' This would have been logical apart from the sinking. Co-witness Andy Gill later confirmed what were believed to be his wild claims. When questioned on the hen's reaction to the event, Luke said, 'It didn't like it very much.'
MFC, the alleged swimmer, declined to comment on the event.
Experts have, however, called into question the quality on the witnesses' reports. It has later come to light that MFC was not wet when identified from a line-up later that afternoon. A tip-off has been provided by someone known only as Lion, outlining the dubiousness of the witnesses' reliability. This includes a quote from Eco Luke saying 'Chickens all look the same to me,' and a theory that both Eco and Gill could be attempting to discredit MFC's reputation, to result in more cheesecake being shared with them and less with the hen.

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