Saturday, 5 May 2012


 We’ve said goodbye to Bellingen and the wonderful people in it, and started to make our way slowly and relaxingly south. We’re now in a place called Crescent Head, well known for its surf break, a lovely right hand point break perfect for longboarding.

We’ve been having warm, sunny days and chilly nights so we’ve treated ourselves to this cute little cabin:

We LOVE it. It’s all woody inside like a little log cabin, and it’s got everything, including a heater! Ahhhh, I am in heaven. Zappa gets up at dawn and checks the surf from the verandah, I have a lie in. After a leisurely breakfast, Zappa goes for another surf, I read a book. And so the day goes on. It feels proper holidayish.

We met a lovely Canadian called Colin who told us of his travels and sang us sea shanties. He worked at a bar in King’s Cross in Sydney for a while, and once a week they held Trannie bingo, a very popular night, which sounded very bitchy and exciting and I immediately decided I wanted to go. It's on the to-do list.


  1. Emmerr check out my friends new blog, think your like it.

    1. Love it! Added to favourites...